About us

Mission Statement

Life-Wire News Service is a first-of-its-kind service which distributes media content from the unique perspective of people with intellectual disabilities — giving a new voice to the disabilities community. ©2016

For twenty years, Lifestyles for the Disabled has provided an environment where people with intellectual disabilities find purpose and inspiration to create, work and thrive.  In the Media Center, participants explore information technology and produce original content in their areas of expertise and interest utilizing video and radio formats.  Utilizing Lifestyles’ media assets, Life-Wire News Service – the only media wire offering content by people with intellectual disabilities – features stories that explore entertainment, sports, human rights, or more.

Participants in the service (crew members) will produce their own content with the aid of Lifestyles staff to an extent depending on the crew members’ needs.  The program connects crew members to the community in new ways and provides exposure to the public that will help to demystify people with intellectual disabilities.


Edward Gregory – Editor-in-Chief of Life-Wire News Service and Manager of the Lifestyles Media Center.

Joseph Maturi – Executive Editor of Life-Wire News Service and Manager the Lifestyles Media Center

Kathryn Carse – News Editor/Location Manager of Life-Wire News Service and the Lifestyles Media Center

Tony DeSimone – Photo Editor/Photographer of Life-Wire News Service

Mario Papa – Sports Editor/Direct Care Specialist


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Meredith Arout – Photographer, Camera Operator, Voice-overs -areas of interest: pop music, art, nature

Jonathan Chernok – DJ, Photographer, Talent – area of interest: music

Michael Cilmi – Interviewer – area of interest: sports

Salvatore DiBenedetto – Photographer, Poet – areas of interest: classic comedy and music.

Anthony DiFato – Blogger, Radio Host, Interviewer, Photographer – areas of interest: mysteries, comics

Steven Filoramo – Journalist, Interviewer – areas of interest: technology, human rights

Riki Garcia – Photographer

Joseph Jones – Photographer, Camera Operator, Journalist – areas of interest: music

Michael Levenstein – Photographer

Glen Mazzola – Radio Host

Andrew Moszenberg – Photographer – areas of interest: photography, media

Laurence Oliveri – Interviewer, Singer – areas of interest: opera

Anthony Pabon – Photographer, Interviewer – areas of interest: FDNY, music, media

Joseph Padalino – Student-Teacher, Videography, Interviewer, Radio Host, Photographer – areas of interest: Italian heritage, food

Dolores Palermo – Interviewer, Photographer – areas of interest: music, culture

Gregory Perosi – Interviewer, Photographer – areas of interest: music, science, history

Alan Russo – Photographer, Interviewer – area of interest: wrestling

Eric Schwacke – Video Host, Videographer – areas of interest: travel, cooking

Samuel “Shmuli” Stone – Journalist, Screenwriter – areas of interest: history

Advisory Panel

Life-Wire News Service is in the process of developing a panel of talented community members who can offer their advice and expertise to the success of Life-Wire News Service and to help us develop the potential of our participating journalists to their fullest.  We will list our advisers here.

Lifestyles for the Disabled of Staten Island Mission Statement

Lifestyles for the Disabled originated in 1994 through collaboration among local business people, community organizations and program participants.  The mission of Lifestyles is to provide quality learning experiences that will enable all program participants, regardless of their present disabilities, to become productive members of society and live their lives with dignity and as independently as possible.

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