FAQs/Submit News

What is Life-Wire News Service?
Life-Wire News Service is a first-of-its-kind service which distributes media news created by people with developmental disabilities.  It is a program operated by Lifestyles for the Disabled of Staten Island.  The service is staffed by Lifestyles’ participants, known as “crew members,” who provide original content.

How do I submit news to Life-Wire News Service?
Please include us in your press contacts.  Even if we cannot cover your story, we will appreciate being included in your outreach.  We will often include items in our Twitter or Facebook feeds even if we do not cover them on our news service. Send press releases, screeners, or other publicity materials to

Edward Gregory
Life-Wire News Service
Lifestyles for the Disabled Media Center
930 Willowbrook Rd., bldg 15
Staten Island, NY  10314

or e-mail to egregory@lfdsi.org.

I work with people with developmental disabilities.  Can I submit content by individuals who participate in my program?
Life-Wire News Service presents content created by people with developmental disabilities.  If you or your organization works with such individuals, you may submit articles, videos, photography or audio that they have created independently, under the guidance of staff, or collaboratively with staff.  Please follow our guidelines for properly crediting the work of individuals or work created by individuals writing cooperatively with staff on our Methodology page.  We will acknowledge your organization in the material we publish in a byline or photo caption.

What is a News Bureau?
A News Bureau is an organization that works with individuals who have developmental disabilities that has established a special working relationship with Life-Wire News Service, where we regularly feature their content in our service.  Content by News Bureaus will be recognized on our Website.

Will Life-Wire News Service cover my event?
Life-Wire News Service operates out of Staten Island, New York.  If your event is on or near Staten Island, we can consider covering your organization, or event.  Our availability is mostly limited to our service hours and presence of staff, crew members and transportation.  We cannot promise coverage, but we would like the opportunity to consider your organization or event for coverage.

How can I use Life-Wire New Service content in my publication, or on my Website?
You may use Life-Wire News Service content at no charge, although donations are welcome. We only require that our material is used and credited properly as per our Usage Guidelines. Please contact us for any clarifications.

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