Take a Road Trip Across Elvis’ America from the Back Seat of His Rolls

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Independent Lens’ The King, takes us on a journey from Elvis Presley’s humble beginnings in Tupelo, Mississippi to mega stardom, and we discover America along the way, premiering Monday, January 28, 8 to 10:30 p.m. ET (check local listings) on PBS.

Elvis’ legacy has influenced musicians, people, and our culture.  Eugene Jarecki,

Eugene Jarecki

director/writer/producer, uses Elvis as metaphor for race, class, culture and capitalism by inviting people to step into Elvis’ 1963 Rolls-Royce.  We get candid thoughts, reactions and music from a diverse cast, including Nashville’s EmiSunshine, Rosanne Cash, bluesman Leo Bud Welsh, Aston Kutcher, New York Rapper Immortal Technique, gospel singers of Stax Music Academy and many others.  “We wanted the film’s cast of characters to reflect the rich tapestry of the American family,” explained Jarecki.

The documentary shows us a broad spectrum of Elvis’ life and about his role as “The King.”  When the filmmakers put people into Elvis’ car, it brought out emotions and their pure reactions.  The show was very honest about Elvis and American society, but by the end, it became less about Elvis and more about politics.

Mike Coykendall (left) and M. Ward (right) in Eugene Jarecki’s “The King.”

It was a very interesting and informed look Elvis and the American Dream.  Watch the film for yourself and tell us what you think.

-The Life-Wire Crew, including Joseph Padalino, Joseph Jones, Salvatore DiBenedetto, Dolores Palermo, Steven Filoramo, Nicole Lemily, Gregory Perosi, Anthony DiFato, Meredith Arout, Michael Halbreich, with staff member Edward Gregory. 

To visit the Independent Lens web page for The King click here.

The King - Ind Lens review Jan 2019.jpgPhoto: (front row, left to right) Joseph Padalino and Gregory Perosi, (back row, left-right) Meredith Arout and Salvatore DiBenedetto, by Anthony Pabon.

Meet Classic Rides at Rare Legacies Auto Meet

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If you like classic cars and classic rock, come on down to Midland Beach Sunday, September 24 for the Rare Breed Legacies Auto Meet, beginning at noon.  

Besides classic cars, visitors will enjoy great music from 8-Track, American Cover Story, Nakid Jedeye, Spite Club, and Hard Rock n’ Sports.  Also spinning discs will be DJ Bass Chills.

Proceeds raised will benefit the Stephen Siller Foundation, Semper Fi Foundation, and the NYPD Foundation. Registration for cars begins at 11 a.m.

-Written collaboratively by Anthony DiFato, Joseph Padalino, and other members of the Life-Wire News Service crew, with Edward Gregory.

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