Review: Nova’s Death ‘Dive to Saturn’

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If you want to get up close and personal to the planet Saturn, you can’t get any closer than the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, which meets its end this week on a final decent into the planet’s atmosphere.  PBS’ Nova explores this pioneering probe in Death Dive to Saturn, premiering September 13, 9 pm. Eastern (check local listings).

Death Dive explores the mysteries of the rings of Saturn and unlocks the secrets of what may lie below the planet’s gaseous surface.  The probe will dive into Saturn’s atmosphere on Friday, September 15, on its likely final mission. Meanwhile, Nova will explore the twenty-year journey of Cassini, and the thirteen years it has been exploring Saturn.

Saturn in Red

-Written collaboratively by Anthony DiFato and Edward Gregory with input from Anthony DiCostanzo.  Photo courtesy of NASA.

Life-Wire 8 Big 2016 Predictions

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We asked our Life-Wire News Crew to make their predictions for 2016. Here are their prognostications:

  1. The Giants will whoop the Jets in the Superbowl 50. -Mike Cilmi.
  2. The 75th Anniversary of Disney’s Dumbo will be a major story in 2016. -Andrew Moszenberg.
  3. In 2016, a mechanical suit to help people with Cerebral Palsy walk will go into production. -Joseph Padalino.
  4. Sherlock Holmes 3 with Robert Downey, Jr. will be a major hit in 2016. -Anthony DiFato.
  5. There will be motels in space in 2016.  -Sam Stone.
  6. There will be peace in Iraq in 2016.  -Dolores Palermo.
  7. The Bulls will face the Knicks in the 2016 NBA Finals.  -Jonathan Chernok and Roy Aguis.
  8. The Beatles will reunite in 2016, featuring Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr with Dhani Harrison and Sean Lennon. -Anthony Buscarello.

IMG_0295 crop(Left to right): Life-Wire News Service journalist Andrew Moszenberg and locations director Megan Welch ring in the new year. -Photo: Anthony DiCostanzo.