Riki’s Third Tattoo

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I like geeky stuff. This tattoo is from a Japanese cartoon or anime. I like the design. It’s my personality. It’s my body. This is my geeky side.


Riki’s latest tattoo, inspired by anime. “It’s my geeky side,” says Riki. (Yoni Chernock/Lifestyles)
Everyone wants to know: Are you afraid?

No. It didn’t hurt. Maybe a little spasm. But in general, I have a high tolerance for pain, so I feel nothing. The hard part is the tattoo takes hours. You have to stay still, not move around. You have to relax and stay physically still.

First me and my mom have to set up a consultation with the tattoo artist to decide the best place, size and color of the tattoo. My colors are white, dark purple and black.

Both cats have a yellow half moon shape. It is on my first tattoo too. (See below.)

The artist has to have a license. My artist was female. The place has papers that you have to sign. You have to bring ID to show you are of age — over 18.

Riki G talks about her new tattoo. (Yoni Chernock/Lifestyles)

You have to take care of it. You have to wash it twice day with unscented bar soap to clear off bacteria. Then you put a small circle of lotion on it. You can’t swim. You can’t shave your legs.

I got my first tattoo when I was 21. I like bows, dressing up nice. I showed a picture to my mom. She liked it. It’s my tattoo, but she has to be “in the circle.”

I got my second tattoo when I was 22. The meaning is private.

This is my third tattoo. I’m 23. It’s a way to express myself.

This story was written form an an interview with Riki G by Angel Bruno, Yoni Chernock, Timothy Fauske and Anthony Kefalinos

Memorial Day event honors Staten Island Battle of Bulge veteran and fallen soldiers

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DSCF1362The students of St. Adalbert’s welcomed veterans of the United States most recent wars to their annual Memorial Day Ice Cream Social to honor the memory of those who had fallen throughout history to defend the country.

Veterans of wars, including World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars, gathered in the festive gymnasium for lunch and sundaes and to share their stories.

Peter Fiorella, a 94-year-old veteran, represented the soldiers who fought the Battle of the Bulge, a turning point in World War II when the American forces held back the Germans in the mountains of Ardennes.

Fiorella was a relay man and driver with the infantry. He recently received a medal of honor from France.

“This man is very inspirational to me and I would like to thank him for his service,” said Meredith Arout after hearing his story.

Fiorella was in at least one other major battle — he is a cancer survivor. And he has a lot to live for. He has been married for 73 years and has nine grandchildren,  nine great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

“When I spoke with Peter I thought he looked to be in his 70s. He looks great for his age,” said Meredith.

“The school was set up really pretty. I think its nice that they do this for our veterans,” she added.

Here is Life-wire News coverage of previous celebrations at St. Adalbert’s:

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Meredith the Magnificent Magician

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Meredith solves her friends’ problems with her magical powers.

How did she do that?

Shooting and editing with the students at Staten Island Technical High School provided budding Lifestyles actors with a chance to have a good time making an intriguing video.

Lifestyles for the Disabled collaborated with Staten Island Technical High School to create this video.

Take a tour of Italy with Giuseppe

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Giuseppe looks right at home strolling around Italy, the thing he wanted to do most if he could do anything.

Members of Lifestyles Media Department traveled to New Dorp  to join the high school students at Staten Island Tech for some cool sessions in their TV studio.

In addition to a control booth and three video cameras, the studio is equipped with a green screen. The creative juices were flowing with all the possible visual effects provided by the digital backdrop.

Enjoy the tour.

‘Talented Fish’ with Lifestyles and St. John’s U

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Aspiring scholars from Lifestyles for the Disabled traveled to St. John University’s Staten Island campus to collaborate on projects that taught them about the “Mysteries of the Ocean.” At their final class, they take a few minutes to share what they learned about “The Talents of Fish” and other underwater creatures with Lifestyles videographer Meredith Arout.  Sannurha Vertus shares her talent for singing.