News Bureaus:
The following agencies that provide services to individuals with developmentally disabilities are regular contributors of content to this service:

• Spain — Barcelona, Madrid, and othersNWNPhoto, a non-profit organization, created by Felipe Alonso, Barcelona photojournalist with over 25 years in the profession, in order to give all people with intellectual disabilities, the possibility of a new inclusion through photography, empowering and making them protagonists of their lives.
View their posts here.


Community Partners:
The following is a list of our partners in the community, including businesses and organizations that support our goals.

• St. Adalbert School – Located in the Elm Park community of Staten Island, St. Adalbert’s provides Life-Wire News Service with opportunities to cover stories of interest to our readers, especially stories honoring our heroic veterans.


Please visit these Websites.

Lifestyles for the Disabled of Staten Island – Our parent agency, creating opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.


Reciprocal Links:
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