Our Top 10 New Yankee Names

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Life-Wire News Service Picks Names for Staten Island Yankee Rebrand

The Staten Island Yankees announced that this would be their final year using their big league name.  They have asked the community for suggestions on a more home-grown name.  The Life-Wire News Service has come up with a few suggestions of their own.  Here they are from our top choice down:

1- Night Herons- for a majestic waterfowl that makes its home in the borough’s many greenspaces.

2- The Commodores- for one of Staten Island’s most famous citizens, Cornelius “The Commodore” Vanderbilt, who started his family fortune by running one of the earliest regularly scheduled Manhattan-Staten Island routes.

3- The Bombers- taking the current Staten Island Yankee nickname (Baby Bombers) and growing it up.

4- The Tottens- for the Totten Family, an early Staten Island clan whose name is immortalized in the town name “Tottenville.”

5- The Hot Dogs- sometimes the answer is right under your nose.

6- The Verrazzanos- like the bridge, just spelled correctly.

7- The Kills- the ominous Dutch name for creek, as in Fresh Kills, Kill Van Kull, Arthur Kill and Great Kills.

8- Sand Castles- it’s all about the beaches.

9- Cicadas- but let’s hope they don’t wait 17 years for a championship.

10- Snappers- the tough turtles that dwell in many of our parks.

What name do you think Staten Island’s New York-Penn League team should adopt?  Send them to the Yankees on their website, here.

-List by Meredith Arout, Jonathan Chernock, Anthony DiCostanzo, Anthony DiFato, Steven Filoramo, Michael Halbreich, Andrew Moszenberg, Joseph Jones, Joseph Padalino, Eric Schwacke, and Samuel “Shmuli” Stone, with Kathryn Carse, Edward Gregory, and Mario Papa for Life-Wire News Service.

2016 Staten Island Yankees. Photo: Anthony Pabon for Life-Wire News Service.

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